Old Money Watches

Discover our elegant old money watches

Each Old Money watch is carefully crafted to evoke the understated opulence of bygone eras, capturing the spirit of the sophisticated elite of yesteryear. Our watches reveal a harmonious fusion of exceptional craftsmanship and refined design , embodying the understated luxury that defines Old Money style. Whether it's a social evening or an important business meeting, our watches add a touch of timeless class to every occasion.

A story of heritage of old money watches

Inspired by the stately mansions, cozy drawing rooms and elegant parties of bygone eras, our Old Money watches capture the very essence of inherited opulence . Every detail, from delicate hands to ornate dials, is meticulously thought out to evoke the aristocratic refinement of yesteryear.

The know-how of master watchmakers

Our Old Money watches embody unrivaled craftsmanship, inherited from the master watchmakers who have shaped watchmaking traditions for centuries. Each watch is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process, where each component is carefully selected to ensure impeccable quality and unrivaled precision . From initial design to the finishing touches, our commitment to excellence shines through in every watch we create.