Old Money Style

Old-world elegance with Old Money style

Immerse yourself in the timeless appeal of Old Money style, a subtle encounter between chic, sobriety and discretion, creating a sartorial aesthetic that transcends eras.

Our Old Money collections are an embodiment of elegance inherited from past generations, capturing the distinctive charm of yesteryear's clothing . Each piece we feature is a meticulously chosen masterpiece, crafted to reflect the sophistication and craftsmanship that defined the good taste of a bygone era.

Vintage chic with Old Money style

Explore our exclusive old money selections, where each piece reveals a captivating tale of authenticity and sophistication. Refine your old money look with our distinctive accessories , from delicate jewelry to elegant watches. Every detail is meticulously selected to infuse a touch of luxury into your outfit, accentuating your natural beauty.

For us, the art of clothing becomes an experience, an exploration of timeless style where each seam, each fabric, tells a story of elegance passed down from generation to generation. Let yourself be carried away by the timeless grace of Old Money, where each outfit becomes a silent statement, a celebration of refinement that endures through the centuries.

Massimo Toscani: The international reference Old Money store

Welcome to the world of refinement at Massimo Toscani , where tradition meets the elegance of Od Money style. Immerse yourself in a sartorial aesthetic steeped in the heritage of wealthy families who have shaped elegance for generations.

Following the dazzling media coverage of the Old Money style, our vision at Massimo Toscani was reinvented. Today, we are proud to present our boutique dedicated to Old Money Fashion , the perfect fusion between Old Money charm and contemporary trends.

Our expertise is to offer you unique creations, marked with the seal of luxury and sophistication. This year, we've been closely following the prevalence of Old Money style, and we've meticulously designed the perfect outfits to embody this iconic aesthetic.

At Massimo Toscani we guarantee you an unparalleled shopping experience. Our products, carefully selected for their elegance and quality, embody the pinnacle of Old Money style.